Demand to Supply Ratio (DSR)

Typical value

Median 12 months

Days on market (DOM)

Average vendor discount

Auction Clearance Rate (ACR)

Renter proportion

Vacancy rate


Percentage Stock on Market (SOM%)

Online Search Interest (OSI)

Statistical Reliability (SR)



  Market Cycle Timing (MCT)

Neighbour Price Balancing (NPB)

Ripple Effect Potential (REP)

Unit to House value comparison (U2H)

Long Term Growth (LTG)

Percentage of sales by auction (SBA%)

Percentage of sale listings with open inspection (OFI%)

Percentage sales growth (PSG)

Percentage rental growth (PRG)

Statistical Reliability plus (SR+)


Strategy Suitability Indices (SSI)

  Buy and hold (SSI-Buy hold)

High cash flow (SSI-Cash flow)

Renovate and sell (SSI-Reno flip)

Low risk (SSI-Low risk)

Buy at discount (SSI-Discount)

Develop (SSI-Develop)

Buy off the plan (SSI-Buy off plan)