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The DSR database has all your old favourites like: vacancy rate, yield, days on market. But it has a whole lot more like: the DSR+ and SSI.

Suburb Analyser

Enter the name of a suburb and examine the nature of supply and demand in detail. You can see all the familiar statistics like auction clearance rates and days on market. But you can also see new stats available nowhere else. Check out the statistics page for a complete list.

Market Matcher

Match property markets to your specific criteria. Limit the list of suburbs by location, price, yield, vacancy, demand to supply ratio and many more.

Market Monitor

Register for alerts to keep an eye on your portfolio. Know when to sell or refinance. Watch markets to time your entry as well.

Our other products


A simplified and more affordable version of DSR

Sell Or Hold

Sell or Hold is a highly sophisticated software program that supports investors in making one of their most important financial decisions: am I better off selling; or holding my property?
B2B: If you're an Accountant, Financial Planner, Invesment Advisor, Property Professional or any other bussiness interested in offering Sell Or Hold reports to your clients from your name, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Suburb Growth

A leading property forecasting tool that predicts a suburb's capital growth change over the next three years for either houses or units across Australia.


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