Data Dumps

What are data dumps?

Despite how hard we've tried to make the DSR data easily available to everyone, our widgets and screens may not give you everything you need. Some people may want to integrate the data into their own database and use Excel to produce cool charts and other reports like this one...

Sample Data Dump

Data dumps are CSV files that contain the raw data from the DSR database. For example, the following is a sample of the DSR data dump for May 2015.

      All data in the DSR group - All states - 2015-05 - Sample.csv

It will look something like this...

Data Dump Example

A sample of the DSR+ group of stats data dump is...

      All data in the DSR+ group - All states - 2015-05 - Sample.csv

Note that the DSR+ contains all the stats of the DSR plus additional stats.

A sample of the Strategy Suitablity Indexes...

      All data in the SSI group - All states - 2015-05 - Sample.csv

Who can access data dumps?

Currently, ordering data dumps is not automatically available. Contact us by clicking on the bright green 'Help' button to the bottom right. Let us know exactly what you're after and we'll have it ready for you usually within a few days.

Can I republish the data?

Yes, so long as it is not:

  • In direct competition with DSR data; and
  • You clearly show the source of the data as ""; and
  • You display the DSR logo shown following
  • And you don't breach any of the other terms and conditions of use.

If in doubt, drop us a line using the 'Help' button. You'll find us very flexible.

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