Buying under market value PDF


Buying under market value (YIP mag April 2013): This article highlights the "gotchas" of trying to buy under market value. It was one of the favourites of the editor of Your Investment Property magazine.

Every second investor and their cuz reckon they've bought under market value. But most don't even realise they didn't.

Jeremy Sheppard points out the cases when this strategy can actually be dangerous. Forewarned is forearmed.

To sell or hold PDF


To sell or hold (YIP mag May 2013): Whether to sell or hold is actually quite simple. It all comes down to recycling costs versus opportunity costs.

There's only one tricky part - estimating future capital growth.

Jeremy Sheppard explains the concept and maps out the considerations to make the decision unemotional and objective. He also tackles the awkward topic of esimating capital growth.

Statistical versus fundamental research PDF


Statistical versus fundamental research (YIP mag April 2012): Jeremy Sheppard explains the difference between statistical and fundamental research. This article highlights the pitfalls and benefits of each.

The article is not so much in favour of one method of research over the other. It is more a case of knowing when to use which method.

High-speed research technique PDF


High-speed research technique (YIP mag May 2012): This article shows a way in which investors can get their teeth stuck into research without the time-kill.

There is some research that is time-consuming and beneficial and other research that is just time-consuming. Jeremy Sheppard shows how to get the best dime for your time.

Technology is making research more effective and faster.

Investing on a low income PDF


Investing on a low income (YIP mag June 2012): It's not easy getting into property investment on a low income. But it is possible.

Jeremy Sheppard gives some specific tips on how to go about it for those on a tight budget.

He also shares a few quick points about insurance, property management, fixed vs variable loans and depreciation.

Are low deposit loans risky PDF


Are low deposit loans risky (YIP mag Dec 2014): High leverage, high risk is the usual mantra. But as Jeremy Sheppard explains, there is actually a case where higher leverage means lower risk.

This article goes through the topics investors should consider with mortgage choices. After reading this article you'll see that a low interest rate is not such an important feature.

The article focusses on how the investor's strategy dictates the choice of mortgage.

What causes price growth PDF


What causes price growth (YIP mag Dec 2011): There are loads of differing opinions on the best research to do to find future price growth. But all experts agree on one thing: it all comes down to supply and demand.

In this article Jeremy Sheppard shows how investors can quickly gauge the supply and demand for a suburb. He mentions a few of the readily available key statistics and what they mean.

If the investor wants to pursue it further, Sheppard offers a few tips on some simple extra research. Obviously there is a lot more to it. But these are the 'quick wins'.

When to sell PDF


When to sell (YIP mag Feb 2014): Should I sell? It's a complicated quetion to answer because of so many variables. Jeremy Sheppard simplifies the concept and shows how you can make a clear objective decision.

It all comes down to recycling cost versus opportunity cost. If one is significantly bigger, you have a clear decision.

This article provides examples of how to estimate recycling and opportunity costs. Once done, investors can have peace of mind knowing they've made a well calculated decision.