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DSR stats only

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Suburb Analyser

DSR, DSR+ & SSI stats, Microburbs quick link

Market Matcher

DSR, DSR+ & SSI stats

Market Monitor

DSR, DSR+ & SSI stats
Max.30 markets


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You can subscribe to DSR Data for free (Cheapskate) or pay month to month (Millionaire). Or you can get one-off products such as suburb reports, data dumps and customised research.
NOTE: There is no lock-in contract for Millionaire membership. You can cancel at any time.

One-off products

See the price list for what's on offer and how much.


There are two different types of membership you can register for on

  1. 'Cheapskate' which is free - start here then upgrade later
  2. 'Millionaire' which costs a fixed amount each month


Cheapskates pay nothing. They merely register an account and login. To register simply provide an email address we can send your new account details to. That's it.

Your email will be kept confidential. You won't be bombarded with a heap of marketing material. However, you may recieve emails for the following:

  • How to guides or tutorials
  • Helpful blogs on current market trends or to better your investing (typically once a month)
  • New feature announcements

Cheapskates have access to all the same features the Millionaires have access to:

However, the statistics that Cheapskates can view, search and monitor are limited to those in the basic DSR group. The statistics in the DSR+ and SSI groups are for Millionaires.

So if a Cheapskate clicks on the DSR+ or SSI tab in the Suburb Analyser for example, they will see an error message and will not see those statistics. Similarly, if a Cheapskate selects a statistic in the DSR+ or SSI group in the Market Matcher, they will see a notification explaining they don't have access.

It's a similar story for the Market Monitor. However, Cheapskates are only allowed to monitor 2 markets. Millionaire users are allowed to monitor up to 30 markets.

Cheapskates have an indefinite free trial. To see the statistics a Cheapskate is missing out on, visit the statistics page.


Millionaires pay a monthly subscription and have access to all the features that Cheapskates have access to. However, Millionaire users are limited to 30 markets in the Market Monitor. Cheapskates are limited to only 2 markets. Also, the statistics Millionaires can view, search and monitor are extended to include:

Is it worth it?

What if using this data improved your chances of getting better capital growth, even if only by a small margin? A tiny 1% extra capital growth over a year on a $400,000 property is worth an extra $4,000 to the smarter investor. And that's just for the first year alone.

To see just how effective the DSR is at predicting capital growth, check out the Proof DSR really works page. This page shows how industry experts have consistently outperformed the national average growth rate. But the page also shows how the DSR has consistently outperformed those industry experts!

But that's not all

Using the Market Monitor to help time entry, exit or refinancing can improve your profits even further. If better entry timing only made a 1% difference, it's worth $4,000 for a $400,000 property. If better exit timing only made a 1% difference, it's worth $4,000 for a $400,000 property.

You can see how using DSR data for even a single month could result in a better investment decision. A decision which might improve return on investment by tens of thousands of dollars.


Payments for the Millionaire service are currently only accepted via PayPal. If this is simply impossible for you, please use the Help button to the bottom right and we'll arrange a suitable alternative.

When you upgrade to the Millionaire service you'll be redirected to PayPal to set up a recurring payment from your PayPal account. The first payment is made immediately via your PayPal account. Payments continue to be automatically paid each month until you downgrade back to Cheapskate.

You can downgrade to Cheapskate at any time which will cancel the recurring PayPal payment. But you will still have Millionaire service until your last payment period runs out.

You use the same screen to downgrade as you do to upgrade. Click on the Profile link in the top right hand corner of any page after logging in.

Profile Image

This will take you to the Change Service page. The Change Service page will tell you what your current service level is. The screen will also tell you when your next payment is due. Or if you've cancelled recurring payments, it will tell you when your service will expire.

There will be a button available to upgrade if you're currently a Cheapskate or to downgrade if you're currently a Millionaire.

You can also cancel the recurring payment via PayPal. Just login to your PayPal account and find the recurring payment to cancel.

Upgrading and downgrading

You can upgrade or downgrade your service level on the "Change Service" page. To get to this page, login and then click on the Profile link in the top right corner of any page.

Profile Image

The page will show your current service level and any other option available. Click on the button to confirm the change. The button looks like this...

Confirm Change Button

Please also note the terms and conditions of use for this site which applies to all types of registered users. Please play fair.