Market Matcher

Out of the thousands of suburbs Australia-wide, how do you find the top ones for investment? Where do you even start that kind of research?

You can find that one-in-a-thousand property market, and you can find it in seconds using the Market Matcher.

What is the market matcher?

The Market Matcher is a property market search engine. It finds property markets that match your criteria: budget, yield, location, property type, supply and demand, prior growth, etc.

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Let's say you're looking to invest but you don't know exactly where. You have some strict criteria though:

You want to buy within 20 km of the Brisbane CBD. So set the search radius in the Market Matcher?

Market Matcher Map

You want to buy a house. So set the property type in the Market Matcher?

Property Type Criteria

You want the house to have a yield above 5%, you can only afford at most $500,000 and you want a vacancy rate less than 2%. So set this criteria in the Market Matcher?

Stats Criteria

You want to know a few other statistics about each suburb and you want the list ordered by Demand to Supply Ratio (DSR). So you set the display and sorting criteria in the Market Matcher?

Display and Sorting Criteria

Now you search?

Show Matching Market Button

The DSR database searches for matching markets and voila?

Matching Markets

At most only 250 rows will appear even if there are more matching markets.

Where are these places? Click on a post code or suburb and you'll see where it is on a map?

Where is the place

Change your criteria to refine your search until you have some property markets worthy of further research. From here your next step should probably be to check out the council website for development applications and other planned projects.

The Market Matcher acts as a fast filter to get rid of all the inappropriate markets so you can target your research in areas at least in the ballpark.

How do I access the market matcher?

The Market Matcher is available to all users who have a paid account. If you have a paid account, you can access the Market Matcher by its sub-menu which appears after logging in. However, DSR+ and SSI stats are not available to all paying members. If you include a DSR+ or SSI stat in your criteria and you do not have the appropriate membership, the Market Matcher will either limit the response or return an error.

You can get a complete list of all stats and which group they belong to on the stats page. A list of memberships and their privileges appears on the pricing page.

Is there help?

Click on the bright green 'Help' button and leave a detailed explanation. If you found a bug, please explain the precise steps you took e.g. "click here, enter 5, select NSW, etc". We will attempt to replicate your bug by repeating those steps. So don't leave anything out.